One of the most enjoyable aspects of big fashion brands is the way they celebrate and reward unique creativity. They are looking, after all, for a unique product. Alice Shirley is a British artist who has written and illustrated children’s books and one of her latest accomplishments is her collaboration with the French fashion house, Hermès. We want to share some of her beautiful creations and talk a little bit about her story. Image: Jungle of Eden – Vide Poche design for Hermès (2015) 

Alice Shirley was born in London and was always in the art world. She graduated from Byam Shaw School of Art, Central St. Martins with a BA in Fine Art. She wrote and illustrated her own edition of Aesop’s Fables children’s books, published in 2009.

Hermes silk scarf design by Alice Shirley Zebra Pegasus

First design for Hermès, Zebra Pegasus (2014) – Hermès Paris silk carré

The British artist taught and mentored for the Young Artists Program of the Prince’s Drawing School at the Natural History Museum and V&A Museum of Childhood for three years. She then went on to write and illustrate her second children’s book, The Gentle Lion and the Little Owlet (2012).

Hermes silk scarf design by Alice Shirley illustration inspired by William Blakes poem Tyger Tyger

Tiger illustration inspired by William Blake’s poem, Tyger Tyger 

Alice Shirley began to work internationally and in 2014 collaborated with the French fashion house Hermès. She designed cashmere and silk carré scarves inspired by nature as well as British literature. Her creations celebrate natural beauty and are full of colour and life.

Hermes silk scarf design by Alice Shirley Under the Waves illustrates Australias barrier reef 2

Under the Waves – illustrates Australia’s barrier reef