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10 things you need to know about Aisa ljiri

We talk to Aisa ljiri, a Steinway artist and one of the finest Japanese pianists of her generation, about her roots, inspirations, and how she could have been the award-winning pianist she is, or a national olympics star in her country.

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SCALO 502, where Mayan culture marries Italian craftsmanship

Finding a niche in the current fashion world seems like an incredibly difficult task. What makes a new brand special? How does the collection solve a problem o bring something new? Raquel Valladares, founder of the luxury bags label SCALO502, tells us about how she turned her passion for Mayan “Huipiles” and Italian craftsmanship into a unique niche product.  

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“What we wear is who we are” – Catherine Baba

The eccentric fashion stylist, Catherine Baba, cycles through the streets of Paris in super high-heels, kimonos and colourful turbans creating her very own unique style. She is like a canvas being admired by those she passes. The street-style statement she makes seems so natural, every element of her outfits seems to have just been thrown together effortlessly.

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Here’s how you reinvent luxury travel: Little Emperors

Little Emperors knows how to pick their luxury hotels. The Four Seasons London, with its spectacular roof-top spa and beautiful interiors, The stunning The Peninsula in Paris, with its charming views over the Opéra building, The Carlyle in New York, for sophisticated travellers looking for the true Manhattan experience…the list goes on. Over 5,000 luxury brands, actually. Today we talk to the sisters behind this Members Club for the luxury savvy, Rebecca Masri MBE and Charlotte Masri.

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Abdelkader Benchamma, 2015 DRAWING NOW winner

Benchamana’s world is one where drawings are the basis of every though and every practice. We’ve been following his universe and work for some time now and are more than happy to hear that he has just received the highest recognition in illustration. DRAWING NOW PARIS, the most important fair in the world in this field, has awarded him with its prestigious annual prize. 

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