You might have caught glimpses of artist Andrea Zarraluqui’s porcelain creations on instagram. If you’re like us, you won’t be able to choose a one and only favourite. Because, you know, variety is the spice of life! Here’s some bit and pieces of this talented painter’s life and work.

Andrea was born into a wine producing family and was able to study in in London and New York, cities in which she lectured and perfected her unique style. She started painting on canvas and then moved to the porcelain realm.

To develop each piece she mixes paint and plates she buys everywhere she goes and that later on serve as inspiration for future creative concepts. It’s this personal, handmade touch that sets her designs apart and have won her so many accolades for her work. Olivia Palermo, Carolina Herrera, Nuria March or Cayetana Martínez de Irujo are among her biggest fans.

If you look closely at the images of her work you will see a myriad of inspirations, from exquisite botanicals to abstract flowers and colourful birds.

A reminder that the art of table-setting can be magical! Be sure to visit her instagram or webpage for more information

Andrea Zarralugui

Andrea Zarraluqui 2

Andrea Zarraluqui 3

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Andrea Zarraluqui 7

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Andrea Zarraluqui 11

Images: Andrea Zarraluqui