Prada‘s fall 2015 collection has gone from pretty to ‘pretty funny’. It’s been featured in practically every fashion magazine this season, causing mayor drama between the firm and editorials. Exclusivity mistakes aside, it seems like this season it’s Sleeping Beauty all over again. “Make it pink! Make it blue! Pink! Blue!”

The same Prada dress ended up on Katy Perry’s Vogue Japan cover and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Harper’s Bazaar UK cover. Also in Marie Claire, InStyle, Elle UK…

Prada dress in Marie claire with Rita Ora and Cara Delavigne

It’s like two real housewives of Miami wearing the same outfit to a party. Or maybe even worse. September issues are the most important of the year for fashion magazines, and each one is expected to have the garment as an exclusive.

There’s rumours that the person responsible for the same item being sent everywhere has left Prada and has a job at another fashion house.


Pink or Blue spell fight sleeping beauty prada dress