If before it was the it-bag, now it’s the it-sneaker. Sporty shoes have become a social symbol, a universal change of attitude (and style). But now that we’ve all gone through the white sneaker phase, now that even dad has embraced the the ‘hybrid shoe’ trend…is there anything new under the sun? Here’s a breeze of fresh air from some up-and-coming brands on our wish list for SS16.


Mo:vel, the devoted to movement sneaker

Mo:vel shoes made it straight into our hearts with their contemporary lines, extremely light construction (less that 250g each!) and simple yet sophisticated design. Their new collection is called “Manaus” and, as the founders explain, it’s inspired by freedom of movement in a wide sense. It’s now available in their new online shop in canvas and breathable mesh or Chambray and a wide range of colours. Go and get your favourite pair for spring! Our pic: Manaus Oil Blue Canvas



Eytys, the perfect platform sneaker

Pronounced 80’s, Eytys was also brewed in the street culture of the 90’s. Their first shoe style, called “Mother”, made it big with its thick rubber sole. It’s now available in multiple styles, materials and colours in their online shop. Our pic: Eytys Doja leather white 


eytys doja leather white

Feit, the hand sewn sneaker

All natural materials and unlined raw edges are their trademarks. This luxury brand started out as a small team of shoemakers trained in the art of traditional shoe making. All of their shoes are only produced in a very small edition and are meant to be worn without socks. Our pic: Hand sewn low, semi cordovan white



Baabuk, the sustainable wool sneaker 

‘Bem, Lila, Mary, John, Travolta…are only 5 of the 3000 sheeps that we shaved..one by one..to create our shoes’. This is how Baabuk, the swiss shoes startup, present themselves. It was born three years ago with one mission: to produce 100% sheep wool shoes. As they explain ‘wool rarely gives allergies and is a highly abundant material. It’s light, it repels stains and at the end of it’s life cycle, it’s biodegradable’. To top it off, it’s a special kind of wool that keeps feet fresh in the summer (so stink is not an issue!). Our pic: sneaker dark blue / white