The final stage of the creative process must surely be the hardest: turning everything dreamed of, developed and tested into something concrete and well presented. And ‘that something’ has to ‘wow’ the customer. London Fashion Week AW16 has kicked off, and while we pick up pointers these days from the long list of world-class desginers, and even larger sum of emerging new ones, here are some great Instagram accouns to follow for speedy inspiration. Photo above: LFW SS15 Lugermad.

In a witty feature on British style written for Vogue in June 1991, Sarah Mower had rhetorically asked, ‘What does a Frenchwoman do when she buys a Saint Laurent jacket? She rushes home to show it to her husband. What does an Englishwoman do when she buys a Romeo Gigli jacket? She rushes home, feels ill, and hides it under the bed.’ Mower went on to note that, ‘In Britain buying expensive clothes is a vice. Where the French expect quality, the British suspect a rip-off. Where the Italians demand luxury, the British see vulgarity. Where the Japanese consume labels, we diagnose insanity. And where Americans buy clothing to give themselves class, the British argue, “but we have it already!” (Source: Style City How london Became a Fashion Capital, Robert O’Byrne)

Oh how times have changed…

susiebubble London Fashion Week AW16

Instagram @susiebubble – Craft meets cult @lekilt

charlotte olympia London Fashion Week AW16

Instagram @charlotte_olympia

ameliaallenphotography London Fashion Week AW16

Instagram @ameliaallenphotographyThe beautiful @felderfelder sister at the end of their #AW16 #LFW

felderfelder London Fashion Week AW16

Instagram @felderfelder – Wild Girls ! #rocking #recycled #CD #dresses #modern #punks #felderfelder

nytimesfashion London Fashion Week AW16

Instagram @nytfashion – Outside Ryan Lo show at #LFW. Photo by @styledumonde

sophiebeale London Fashion Week AW16

Instagram @sophiebeale1

SusieBubble London Fashion Week AW16

Instagram @susiebubble – Clearly back in London. #LFW @piersatkinson @lfwthedaily

ameliaallenphotography London Fashion Week

Instagram @ameliaallenphotography – The @felderfelder #AW16 #LFW show by me

inthefrow London Fashion Week AW16

Instagram @inthefrow – Kicking off #LFW with J JS Lee and the most stunning cherry red and draped relaxed tailoring!