With London Fashion Week around the corner, here’s our list of hot brands that are taking the online fashion market by storm.

Irfe Fashion labels you should know

IrféThis ‘maison’ with russian royal blood was relaunched by model Olga Sorokina and is living a moment of splendour. It’s origins couldn’t be more fascinating. Irfé was founded in the 20s by Irina Yusupov, niece to zar Nicolás II and his husband Félix, a descendant of one the richest families in Russia. Their wedding was held just before the World War I and years later, the Zar would be executed in the October Revolution. Irina and Félix fled to Europe and then to the United States, where Irfé was born. Another ‘fun fact’ is that Félx was an accomplice in the killing of Rasputin, given his influences in high society. A princess designing fashion and a war ‘conspirator’ as co-founders…no wonder Olga Sorokina was so obsessed with the maison. She has certainly succeeded in getting the industry hyped-up about it too. Image: Olga Sorokina, who relaunched the brand (left) and princess Irina Yusupov.

Reformation fashion brands you should know

ReformationWith its eco friendly philosophy, accesible prices and adepts like Rihanna, Karlie Kloss or Tailor Swift Reformation has taken the online market by storm. From 70s mono suits Bardot v-necks to laced up minimum dresses and designs that invite girls to leave their bras in the drawer. The philosophy of the brand is that its split evenly between altruism and narcism (“Killer clothes that don’t kill the environment”). Every piece is made in their shop in Los Angeles, where their workers have flexible working hours (even have yoga on fridays!) and use sustainable fabrics. Another great  tactic was snatching Manuel Ruyman Santos from giant Zara.

Finery London fashion labels you should know about

Finery LondonAnother great duo. Two fashion professionals, Carrie Dowei (ex-fashion and sales director at Asos)  and Emma Farrow (Topshop Unique designer) have joined forces to create this unique brand that offers minimal designs at accesible prices. Quality fabrics, straight lines and mono colour are the trademark of this new recently launched brand that focuses on online fashion.

Manu Atellier fashion labels you should know

Manu AtelierYou’ve probably heard of its very popular bucket bags adorned with a golden arrow. The concept of the brand has its origins several decades ago in Estambul, by ‘Manu’, a master leather artisan. His daughters  Beste and Merce Manastir launched the brand in 2014. Since then, their designs have conquered it-girls’ hearts, specially its model ‘Zeal’. Its hard to enter Instagram nowadays and not see it. Although the brand only delivers to Turquey, many online boutiques are selling it and it will be a matter of time before it opens stores in the AAA cities. Image vía styleboom.com

Faircloth & Supply new fashion labels you should know

Faircloth & SupplyRemember Roald Dahl? Well this brand was created by Phoebe Dahl, designer and niece to the popular writer. Phoebe learned to sew when she was 12 years old and after studying in London College of Fashion, she traveled to Japan and India, which changed her vision of fashion and life. She realised clothes had the potential to help people, and that’s how Faircloth & Supply came to be. To date, this sustainable brand has financed the education of 2.000 nepali girls. 

In their web, besides buying clothes that make a difference in Nepali girls’ life, users can make direct donations to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Happy shopping!