Image: Vogue China

It’s no mystery now that Apple is aiming for the luxury world with his anticipated Apple Watch. The most expensive model, Apple Watch Edition, is as detailed as fine jewellery and will cost more than 10.000 dollars. With more accesible designs for 350 dollars, which will help gain market share from the very beginning, it seems like it will be the tipping point to really making wearable tech take off.

Vogue called it the watch that will change it all. The fashion magazine has dedicated unprecedented covers, photo coverage and articles to this new gadget. It’s no wonder, since the watch’s biggest boast, apart from its fitness and health credentials, is in the customization, with plenty of elegant strap designs to choose from and millions of possible configurations in its screen.

Apple watch

Apart from telling the time, all the functions of your phone like calls, texts or emails will be available on the new watch. And there will be new ways to connect too, by tapping friends (which they’ll feel on their watch) or sending friends and family sketches and messages.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Images: Apple


Apple Watch will launch this April. Have you been caught in the hype wave too?