How real can fantasy get? A lot, it seems, when exploring Kirsty Mitchell’s intricate work. The award winning photographer’s Wonderland exhibition is simply unmissable for fine art enthusiasts.

Completed last year, after five years in the making, the collection consists of 74 fantasy shots, created in homage to her late mother. The exhibition is highly anticipated, after having earned her numerous international awards.

Shell-Wait-For-You-In-The-Shadows-Of-Summer-Kirsty Mitchell

Every single one of Kirsty’s images requires weeks and even months of planning, preparation and production. Months of waiting for the right time, the right light, weather…even for nature to grow around the elements of the scene!

Check our her website for a closer look at the behind-the-scenes production of these extreme dream-like shots.

The-Queens-Armada-Kirsty Mitchell

The-White-Queen-Kirsty Mitchell

Once-Upon-a-Time-Kirsty Mitchell

06-The-Pure-Blood-Of-A-Blossom-Kirsty Mitchell

Euphaeidae-Gossamer-Wing-Kirsty Mitchell

The-Secret-Locked-In-The-Roots-Kirsty Mitchell

Let-Your-Heart-Be-The-Map-Kirsty Mitchell

Gaia -The-Birth-Of-An-End-Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland collection will be showing at Mead Carney Fine Art gallery in London from 7-23 May.

Images: Kirsty Mitchell