“Data means nothing if you don’t do something with it,” said the the global sportswear brand. This intelligent approach holds they key to his latest campaign, Your Year/Your Nike+, where they developed over 100,000 highly personalised, inspirational videos designed by French illustrator-director McBess. See one of the complete video here.

These videos were sent to 100,000 activate Nike+ users to celebrate “a strong 2014” and inspire people to “work toward an even better 2015”. The aesthetic and style of the video is different from other Nike community initiatives and was designed by the popular McBess, who’s recent campaigns include posters and billboards for the London Underground network. What’s not to love about his unique style, a mix of influences such as Fleischer Studios’ old cartoons, giving it a twist by using contemporary shapes, symbols and types.

Nike campaign inspirational videos designed by McBess

It’s not only about the beauty of the videos, they are also a reflection of the future potential of initiatives like these. If you think about it, companies have evolved from merely greeting us on our birthday, to knowing when someone is training for a big race and knowing when to add support and create a bigger consumer experience.

Nike campaign with illustrator McBess