After having enjoyed his movies and her daughter Sofia’s, Francis Ford Coppola leaves us crying out for more with a careful selection of resorts in the middle of the wilderness and luxury lodging with a cinematographic twist…

When I first visited Belize, I was searching for the same jungle paradise I’d enjoyed while shooting Apocalypse Now in the Philippines…

nca2 full moon over the pool 4444

Said and done…In the island of Belice we find Blancaneux Lodge, a hideaway with 20 rooms, in the middle of the tropical jungle, where you can enjoy a natural reserve, a native butterfly house-farm (you can imagine the amount of species we’re talking about, having it’s own dedicated farm!), or just a swim in the turquoise coloured pools located in the jungle itself.

I love being by the beach and in the water and our new incarnation of Turtle Inn provides the ideal balance between luxury and nature

turtle inn

COnde Nast Turtle Inn

Image: Condenast

For the true lovers of white sand and crystal clear water: Turtle Inn, 25 rooms facing the Caribbean sea to enjoy snorkelling and scuba and afterwards relax, even more, in the spa or taking a bicycle or canoe stroll.

And if you’re looking for a urban location, El Jardín Escondido, in the sabroso Barrio de Palermo in Buenos Aires or  714 Nicholls Street, 7 exquisitely equipped rooms to experience the shooting of your own movie…

 714 Nicholls Street

Vista da Suite Roman

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