Image: Animal Thrills by Samuel Salcedo at Punts Galeria at Art15

Oh, the pleasure of wandering without a purpose through an art fair…A detour from the very day! But what’s art without reflection? Here’s an interesting talk to stir up the appetite for visiting London’s global art fair this weekend.



Exploring how the industries of art, design, architecture and fashion converge and influence one another. That was the purpose of the talk chaired by David Hills, Architect and Director of DSDHA Studio. The link between the disciplines is highly obvious, but the theme of the talk was more about the connections between these proffesions, represented by speakers Daniel Hopwood, President of British Institute of Interior Design, Sebastian Montabonel, Art Advisor and Founder of Alaska Editions Photography Publishers, artist Janet Laurence and Osman Yousefzada, fashion designer. No one seems to like to be catalogued anymore. The artist sometimes wants to be the architect, and the architect wants to be the artist, as David Hills stated.

Many people are frightened of art. There’s more art than buyers. We usually think of collectors, curators, and galleries to access art. But more than ever, architects, interiors and fashion designers are making art more approachable and even more affordable.

And the never-ending debate about the boundaries between art and these disciplines? Still open. But Osman Yousefzada made a very reasonable point when stating “Fashion is not an art, but you have to be an artist to create fashion”.

Daisy train by Yoshiyuki Ooe at Tezukayama Gallery at Art14

Daisy train by Yoshiyuki Ooe at Tezukayama Gallery at Art14. Photo: instagram @art15london

Art15 takes place from 20 May (Preview day) until 23 May 2015 in Olympia, London.