By Katya Marletta

Burberry, the iconic British luxury brand, is the perfect totem of the balance between modernity and tradition, functionality and style, that never fails to amaze the fashion’s world. The new collection, named “Beasts”, is the perfect example of it, based on mythical creatures, on small and large leather goods, as prints and embroidered appliqués on clothing and scarves, and as jacquards on ties. The designs are inspired by illustrations of fictional birds and animals found in medieval English manuscripts. Material and texture play a big part in the designs to enhance the creative look of the collection. Individual designs bring together a mix of signature Burberry materials, from House check cotton to animal-print calfskin, the scarves range is presented in the following fabrics: cashmere, wool-cashmere blend, wool-silk gauze, washed silk chiffon, cashmere silk and silk twill in a colour palette full of warm and vibrant shades such ochre yellow, honey, tan, chocolate, burgundy red, antique red, color red, blossom pink, mauve pink, pale apricot, olive green, dark navy, bright lapis blue, pale opal, slate blue.

In ready to wear, Beasts appear as embroidered motifs on the Burberry classic cashmere scarf and leather appliqués on jersey sweaters and capes. Prints are worked on to wool-cashmere ponchos, wool-silk scarves and silk-twill skinny scarves. Jacquard beasts appear on a small range of ties in two-tone colourways and on a wool-cashmere poncho.

The accessories are certainly the most surprising elements of the collection: Beasts appear in three forms on large bags: as crossbody bags, as appliqués and as prints on Rucksacks. The small leather goods category also features beasts as appliqués, together with beast prints on leather accessories. Products include beast-shaped key charms, coin cases and pouches. Leather beast appliqués feature on The Mini Buckle Bag, ziparound wallets, folding wallets and card cases. Beasts are printed on leather ziparound wallets, folding wallets, card cases and continental wallets.40520171 stormblue pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40520181 pinkazalea pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40526241 honey pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40526261 olivegreen pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40529091 camel pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40530331 stone pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40530351 ashrose pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40537801 paleaubergine pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40537821 blossompink pt=sl 8 PR40537821 blossompink pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40546721 black pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40546751 amberyellow pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40546771 crimsonred pt=sl 99 hero=1 PR40552221 sagegreen pt=sl 8 PR40552241 sagegreen pt=sl 8 PR40552271 sagegreen pt=sl 8 PR40559231 black pt=sl 8 PR40559761 black pt=sl 8 PR