The legendary fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino is back with Three at last, a new series of photographs inspired by terribly glamorous and provocative themes.

Mondino, born in 1949 in Aubervilliers near Paris, made himself a name in the Rock, Pop and fashion scene in the 80s. His computer animated images and video clips of Sting, David Bowie and Madonna have forever become a symbol of the era. They say no other photographer in the world has a strong enough ego to deny his readers the names of his famous sitters.

In his third book after Déjà Vu and Two Much, Mondino evokes the sexy-bizarre, the fetish, the smoky cool…However, the 243 black-and-white photographs in Three at Last revolve around tougher subjects as well, as the book’s subtitle states: blood, smoke & tears…

Three at Last features shots of famous personalities from the worlds of fashion, film and music: Matthew McConaughey, Javier Bardem, Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Lana Del Rey, Penelope Cruz and George Clooney…a powerful cast fit fit for this “image guru”.

Three at Last is a great source of inspiration for amateurs and we think even the non-smokers will love it! Here are some of our favorite pieces:

three at last movie image

fashion image

george clooney image

model in paint image

girl in shopping cart image

three at last body image

cigarette between toes image

Images: 2014 Jean-Baptiste Mondino /Courtesy Schirmer/Mosel München.