How many rings do you want? 1, 2, 3? I’ll print them out in a second. This design studio has decided to add 3D jewellery design to their list of design&branding services. They are not high-end accessories, but this fun colourful collection can make the perfect gift (and conversation starter) this christmas.

The pieces are modern representations of eastern ethnic jewellery using 3D technology. With this collection, the Proper People (nice catchy name, by the way!) want to “explore the balance between the old and the new, not as an end in itself, but as a transformational agent to investigate new forms of making”.

3D Printing Jewelry ring

ring 3d printing jewelry composition

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 Proper People Design & Branding

 Proper People Design & Branding

 Proper People Design & Branding

Images: Proper People


Wish you all a proper weekend!