Photograph: Chanel

Was it Chanel who set off the spark? Beyonce? Whatever the case, interior and fashion designers have certainly been caught by the surfboard wave. We’re in love with the idea of getting surfboards out of the beach and into our apartment, especially when they’re made with these gorgeous materials and solid designs.

1 Gray Malin

2 Gray Malin 2

3 Gray Malin

Photographs: Gray Malin

These Gray Main designs look amazing leaning against a blank wall. The photographies are printed on rice paper and laid onto the board during the glassing process. And in case you’re wondering, they are also surf-ready!

4 Kelly Wearstler 2

Photographs: Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler‘s beautifully crafted wooden boards are inspired by her love of Malibu surf culture. The puzzle design includes a wide variety of woods: Walnut, Cherry, Koa, Ash, Thermowood Ash, Russian Birch Plywood, Douglas Fir, Wenge, White Oak, and South American.

5 alexander-wang-surfboard

Photographs: Alexander Wang

These marble beauties are the work of Alexander Wang in collaboration with Australian brand Haydenshapes. The limited-edition surfboards were created using digitally printed photograph transfers from silk, applied to the Fiberglass and resin-coated boards.

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Photograph: Raw Mango

8 chanel

9 chanel 2

Photographs: Chanel

Created in the original Chanel classic aesthetic and black, white and red colours, these surfboards are shaped in monochrome carbon fiber, polyurethane and fiberglass and feature sought-after logo. In case there was any doubt that surfing is chic.


Photographs: Octovo

These Port Orford Cedar surfboards were created by Jason Tilley for Octovo, crafted from wood and foam. The boards feature milled wooden skins, foam shaped by hand, and oiled wooden noses, rails, and tail blocks.

What do you think of the surfboard trend? Share your deco ideas with us!