Aidrop’ by Yaniv Kadosh

The London Design Biennale in now opened in London at Somerset House. Installations, artworks, prototypes and designs from 37 countries and territories have come together in an entertaining and inspiring exploration of the role of design in our collective futures.

Visitors will interact with brand new work by world-leading architects, designers, scientists, writers and artists in a broad, vibrant exhibition that includes large-scale kinetic sculpture, immersive digital installations, culinary pop-ups, performances and VR renderings of the future.

Each exhibit is a response to the Biennale’s 2016 theme ‘Utopia by Design’, chosen as part of Somerset House’s UTOPIA 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility, to mark the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas More’s text. The resulting commissions are richly varied, including fantastical imaginings of future
cities, homages to unrealised utopian proposals of the past, and innovative solutions for issues in 21st-century life.

We recommend you to visit the Israel exhibition where with their project “Human Touch”. They show how design can address human needs in extreme situations and impact positively on society. Don’t miss either Turkeys proposal of a “wish tree” an interactive installation where the wishes for a better future are casted. In a world where water is becoming a “luxury good” in some countries Saudi Arabia shows us the their “ Water Machine” the need for global structural change towards sustainable resources. Following the concept of a vending machine to represent the Syrian conflict, France provokes interaction an reflection on the ongoing situation of the refugees.

We leave you with some images of some of the installations but don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the world re-imagining the world in this amazing design biennale at Somerset House. Strand London WC2R 1LA, United Kingdom


london biennale 2016 Arabia Saudi ‘Water Machine’ by Noura Bouzo

London Design Biennale

‘Water Machine’ by Noura Bouzo

’ by
Yaniv Kadosh

london biennale 16 france Praxis Spread (worldwide delivery sachet)The Host and the Sweet series, Benjamin Loyauté Studio

Praxis Spread (worldwide delivery sachet)The Host and the Sweet series, Benjamin Loyauté Studio

London design biennale 16 turkey "Wish Machine" by Seyham Özdemir

London Design Biennale

“Wish Machine” by Seyham Özdemir

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