As our appetite for healthy food continues to grow, so does what many call the ‘visual cuisine’. The one that lets us take a pretty picture and brag about what we put on our plates. Here are some 2016 food trends from all of our favourite foodie instagramers.

instagram mealpassapp zoodles

ZoodlesOne of the most popular dishes of all time has experienced a 13% sales drop in Europe. The carbohydrate pasta we all love is being taken over by a green version. Spiral carrot and specially Zuccini have became a healthier alternative to pasta lovers all around. Photo: instagram @mealpassapp.

instagram theblondewaffle acai

AçaiThis Brazilian fruit has become big thanks to bloggers and influencers who treat their porridge bowls or smoothies like works of art. Photo: instagram: @theblondewaffle.

instagram foodofvisuals raw milk cheese

Raw milk CheeseIt’s not only about the rise of vegan and ‘green’ food. Raw milk cheese continues to gain momentum. We’re talking about Le Gruyère AOP, Roquefort, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grafton Village Cheddar, Pont-l’Évêque (a personal favorite of Prince Charles). Photo: instagram @foodofvisuals.

instagram greatist beertail

BeertailsWhat was once a sin is now a trend. Beers are mixed as if they were a regular cocktails and seem to be the new gin-tonics. Photo: instagram @greatist

instagram chefsroll avocado

Avocado oil. As if the avocado wasn’t popular enough, the oil is now tempting its advocates. Photo: instagram @chefsroll

instagram youstayhungrysd poke

PokeThe new Hawaiian version of raw fish is here to stay. This popular salad is made with diced raw fish, soya sauce, nuts, mango, onion, chile, ginger…you name it. Photo: instagram @youstayhungrysd

Ancient grains are another new trend to look out for. Classic comfort food remastered.

instagram daintydream millet

Millet porridge, photo by @daintydream

instagram nowmatterhow amaranth bread

Amaranth bread, photo by @nowmatterhow

instagram mangoandsalt spelt

Spelt pita, photo by @mangoandsalt

instagram anthonysgoods keff cookies

Teff cookies, photo by @anthonysgoods

instagram rue14n14 kamut bread

Kamut bread, photo by @rue14n14 –

Any top trends you would like to add to our list? Post your comments bellow!