Farewell to Ashkhen – History as we don’t know it from Marcos Luger on Vimeo.

Filmed and produced in the most exotic locations of the Venezuelan jungle, this film by Marcos Luger perfectly sets a post-apocalyptic state of mind that could have taken place if Ashken’s death hadn’t happened. Farewell to Ashkhen gives a deserved importance to a character basically unknown by everyone, but to whom the humanity owes their entire existence.

In October 1962 the Soviet Union was discovered. Their obsession to challenge the US during the cold war, had positioned Cuba in the spotlight by giving them a great amount of responsibility, which could have escalated into exponential political losses. At this point, the soviet politburo decided to send their vice-prime minister Anastas Mikoyan to negotiate in Havana with Fidel Castro the return of the nuclear missiles they kept hidden from the US after the crisis was over.

Initially, Castro’s stubbornness stopped him from receiving his soviet counterpart, clouded by the delusional power the nuclear arsenal gave him. Nevertheless, as soon as Mikoyan landed he found out his wife Ashkhen had died, and the tragic circumstances were powerful enough to change Castro’s will to meet him. That was the setting for the official conversations held by the two leaders in company of Ernesto Che Gevara, which constitutes the script used in the fashion film, and was disclosed only two years ago.

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Written, shot, and directed by Marcos Luger.

Starring Fabiana D’Alba and Victoria Bozo

Makeup Artist Andrea Martín.

Wardrobe Camila X Castillo

Music Different Fountains

Location Sound and Re – Recording Mixer Alejandro Lovera

Colorist W.W.

Assist. Director Valeria Reglá

Production Thomas Schwarzer at Autana Aventura and Alexander Roman Ocanto